Get to Know SeaPort, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Procurement Solution

By Victoria Disman, Director, Professional Services Consulting With…

What Your Agency Should Know About Low-Code Development Solutions 

Many agencies are making the jump to low-code development platforms to accelerate delivery and add value while working to meet their mission.
Sujey Edwards - CTO

Transform Your Federal Health Agency with These AI Innovations

The federal health sector is starting to adopt automation, embracing plans that include artificial intelligence (AI) while plotting a future in which the public is served more efficiently. Octo is proud to have developed these prototypes for federal agencies.
Cesar Tavares - Senior Director, Emerging Technology

The Promise of AI in Health IT

HHS and other health agencies recognize Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key to modernization and automation and that it can help solve data management challenges.
Cesar Tavares - Sr. Director of Technology and Innovation

A Cybersecurity First: Logchain Uses Blockchain to Secure Data in Federal Government Health

Octo applied blockchain in the public health care sector to boost cybersecurity for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Right Sizing Innovation for Federal Government Agencies

Particularly in GovCon, where creative solutions ultimately impact how Federal Government agencies and organizations serve the public, innovation must take place at every level every day.
Octo shares way to secure a home router to ensure cybersecurity is a priority for personal and organizations with staff working from home.

How to Secure a Home Router: Internet Safety

Scott Tustison, Security Architect at Octo, shares ways to stay safer on the internet and ensure your and your organization’s important data remain private.

Combatting COVID-19: Agile DevSecOps and Javana Make a Mighty Team

When it comes to DevSecOps, nothing compares to an Agile approach to developing and implementing solutions to complex problems in the Federal Government. Our COVID-19 project harnessing Javana is a prime example.

3D Semantic Image Segmentation: Real-World Applications of “Unreal” Technology

Though it may feel surreal or unreal, the future of autonomous systems is here, and it has come to us through how we have taught computers to see – in 3D, through the process of semantic image segmentation.

AI and Blockchain in Federal Government: An Innovation Force Multiplier Part I

AI and blockchain — they are two emerging technologies that, while powerful, are limited on their own. However, when put together, AI and blockchain have the potential to become an innovation force multiplier in the Federal Government.