How AI is Revolutionizing Close-Combat Operations: Part II

Open source geospatial applications, such as CX Search, can help solve the problem of disseminating data in meaningful ways to our warfighters in austere environment with limited connectivity.

Popular Containers, Popular Misconceptions Part I: Understanding Containers

Matthew Simon, Technical Director, Cloud & Infrastructure Center of Excellence discusses the components of containerization and how government agencies can make informed decisions.

Building Customer Morale the SAFe® Way

There’s a direct correlation between implementing #Agile processes and teams experiencing higher morale. Read how it could work for your agency.

How AI is Revolutionizing Close-Combat Operations: Part I

Thanks to #AI, warfighters are increasingly in a better position to protect our nation by harnessing data at the tactical edge.

Use AI to Combat These Two Health IT Challenges

Learn how AI and RPA are rapidly becoming a go-to resource to drive efficiencies and reduce processing time for repetitive, rote tasks in the Federal government.

Why You May Not Be Able to Recover from a Cybersecurity Breach

Many organizations lack a solid approach to how to recover from a cybersecurity breach. Learn about potential risk areas to avoid in your organization.

Cloud Should be Procured as a Utility, Like Electricity

Cloud is often viewed as an IT line item in the budget, it is purchased with no consideration given to the nature of cloud—its elasticity and scalability. With cloud as a utility, federal agencies can fully actualize the promise and potential of cloud-based technologies.

4 Key RPA Performance Metrics to Drive Efficiencies Within Your Government Agency

Automation can save agencies thousands of labor hours, freeing hundreds of employees from repetitive, mundane, and rule-based tasks. Bringing these savings and employee productivity gains to the workplace can be a game changer, but how do you identify and quantify the improvements?

8 Insights from AWS re:Invent

One thing I appreciate about our customers is how their missions drive us to constantly develop new skills and improve existing skills. Attending Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2019 illustrated that drive. Twelve Octo employees attended the six-day conference to learn more about applying AWS’ innovative and emerging technology in the government sector. Three team members came home AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners. In total, more than 60,000 attendees swarmed more than 3,000 workshops held at multiple locations in Las Vegas. Here’s just a smattering of the insights we brought back.

The Need for Fabric Defense

Federal cyber defense is sorely lacking in the era of rapid movement to the cloud. A cost-effective fabric defense is just the answer.