Jay Shah, Executive Vice President of Octo Consulting Wins FedHealthIT 100 Award

December 5, 2018 – Octo Consulting Group’s Jay Shah, Executive Vice President for Healthcare and Commerce, was recognized as a 2019 FedHealthIT 100 award winner. This is Jay’s second time receiving this prestigious award, following his win in 2018. The FedHealthIT 100 honors those individuals recognized for driving change and advancement in the Federal Health Information Technology Market. Nominated and chosen by their peers, some common themes among those who were selected include the desire and willingness to challenge conventional wisdom, to go above and beyond, to drive innovation, and to give back to the larger Federal Health IT and Consulting community.

Jay has led the rapid expansion of Octo’s Healthcare Business Unit within and across several federal health agencies. His focus on a “customer’s success first” delivery model has resonated with our clients, allowing Octo to expand its support across several Operating Divisions within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Octo has also grown its support to other healthcare focused agencies including AHRQ, CDC, CMS, FDA, DHA, and SAMHSA, expanding Octo’s reach into the civilian and defense health sectors.

“Octo is proud that Jay has been awarded a position in the coveted FedHealthIT 100 again this year,” said Octo CEO Mehul Sanghani. “His leadership of our Healthcare Business Unit has always been based on the premise that we support our customers’ needs first and foremost, and it is wonderful to see that his emphasis on our customers’ success has been recognized.”

The FedHealthIT 100 winners will be celebrated at an exclusive event at the National Association of Home Builders Building in Washington, D.C. on December 5, 2018.

About Octo Consulting Group
A premier provider of technology solutions, Octo empowers federal agencies to modernize faster. Our combination of technical innovation and pragmatic execution unleashes new capabilities, bolsters security, and transforms service delivery. We specialize in scalable Agile software development, user experience design, and cloud engineering solutions to improve, modernize, and optimize government IT systems. Known for challenging the status quo and continually exploring new ways to deliver value, our superior outcomes are the result of our collaborative analytical approach and partnering with our customers. Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, Octo builds flexible solutions that evolve as missions change, delivering results that last. Learn more at octoconsulting.com.

About FedHealthIT
FedHealth Innovation & Technology (FedHealthIT) has become a trusted resource to senior Government and industry executives within the Federal Health community. From our annual spotlight FedHealthIT Magazine, to the growing content on the FedHealthIT website, our hyper-local focus is honed in on the Federal Health community. We are focused on connecting Government and industry, on creating a platform for the sharing of insights and perspective, relevant news and information to help connect ideas and voices. A consolidated news source for information related to Veterans Affairs, Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Defense Health Agency, and other agencies involved with Federal Health, we provide comprehensive and timely news and insight to help you better understand future trends and to identify the missions, the challenges, and the opportunities you need to be aware of. Learn more at fedhealthit.com.

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