Empower Your Teams with 360° Situational Awareness

Every second, astronomical amounts of data are ingested through thousands of different devices. But data on its own is useless.

It must be relevant. And it must be accessible even in environments where cloud and communications are weak or nonexistent.

Introducing the Octo CX™ suite of products, the first suite of its kind designed to bring powerful 360° situational awareness to teams that require real time, accurate information in any environment, under any condition.

Used alone or as a complementary suite, Octo CX products collect, aggregate, sort, push, and store actionable information. Structured and unstructured data, simple and complex imagery – Octo CX gives teams what they need to know faster than ever before, even in the most austere environments.

Enterprise Level Data for Real Users… Anywhere

Leveraging the best of open source technologies and edge computing, Octo CX puts knowledge and capability in the hands of those who need it most.

Designed and tested in collaboration with real users, Octo CX allows teams to leverage pertinent information available at the enterprise, but aggregated and shared no matter where they serve or what the mission.

The Octo CX suite includes:

CX Edge™ – A tactical AI integration platform that can run on low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) hardware and enables teams to collect, analyze, and distribute mission critical data in real time to handheld devices or downstream applications

CX Search™ – A powerful search and retrieval app allowing users of all experience levels to easily construct complex geospatial, temporal, keyword, and attribute based queries using natural language; CX Search companion apps for ATAK and WinTAK enable data discovery directly from those devices

CX Surge – An object detection tool for advanced monitoring, powered by AI and mixed reality

CX Drive™ – A domain-aware storage solution allowing users to upload, tag, save, and store data organized in folders, saved privately, or shared with other users, groups, or the enterprise

CX Maps™ – An app for creating and editing geospatial reports that can be shared in CX Drive or exported to other information systems

CX Secure™ – A user friendly data security system for administration of Octo CX users, groups, roles, and policies

CX Transfer – A powerful solution to move critical data from edge to enterprise with guaranteed delivery and failover in the face of denied and degraded comms

Get the Advantage

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