Department of Defense

NRO Jarvis

The Problem:

Octo provides development support to the Software Services Platform (S2P) to fulfill NRO Application Service Provider (NASP) requirements. The project, called Jarvis,  requires a high level of expertise across multiple engineering domains, innovative software design solutions, Agile software and systems engineering capabilities, and system administrators for new environments.

The Solution:

Octo provides program management, Agile DevSecOps software integration, and cloud systems and security engineering to help create an integrated operational platform within the Ground Enterprise Directorate (GED) Mission Architecture. Coordination with key stakeholders, service providers (developers), service consumers (users and applications), NRO Infrastructure Service Provider (NISP), Commercial Cloud Services (C2S), Intelligence Community Government Cloud (ICGC) and Mission Partners is required as part of this integration effort.

Key Takeaways
  • Octo’s hybrid cloud architecture is resilient and has high availability.
  • Octo’s Agile DevSecOps deployment increases efficiencies while decreasing cost.
  • Octo’s architecture and processes are scalable.

The Benefits

Octo helps reduce duplicate functionality across programs while ensuring consistent deployment pipeline architecture. Since there is minimal cost to host an application on S2P and Agile DevSecOps streamlines processes, Octo operates within budget while meeting NASP requirements. The hybrid cloud infrastructure also allows maximum utilization of other platform services.