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The Problem:

Naval Sea Systems Command’s (NAVSEA) procurement of Professional Support Services (PSS), worth more than $70 billion annually, was not integrated across Commands, used a multitude of different processes for procuring services, and did not leverage corporate buying habits or e-business. In addition, the services were predominantly procured via level of effort rather than performance-based terms causing greater expenditures that did not result in desired outcomes.

The Solution:

Octo is upgrading the SeaPort infrastructure and migrating modules from a legacy classic ASP platform to .NET. Octo updates SeaPort software and infrastructure; delivers enhancements to support emerging customer needs; and performs production system monitoring, security management, and operating system and patch maintenance.

Key Takeaways
  • Since 2017, Octo has developed and deployed multiple successful SeaPort application releases, improving performance and expanding the features and services available through the portal.
  • SeaPort provides great cost savings to the government, reduces procurement action lead time, supports expanded competition and small business participation, and provides a platform for long-range procurement planning while providing paperless auditability and transparency.
  • Octo’s support has created SeaPort-NxG, the evolved procurement system for the Navy, to support four times the contract value of the prior platform.

The Benefits

Adoption of the SeaPort system has reduced acquisition cycle time by 50% and saved millions of dollars in acquisition-related costs for Navy PSS contracts. The newest version, SeaPort-NxG, will save more money, even as acquisitions grow.