Department of Defense

Common Data Fabric (CDF)

The Challenge:

Across the DoD, service components and agencies operate under unique titles, authorities, and missions, generating and consuming data in support of their specific missions. As a result, data gets created and stored in mission silos where it becomes stove-piped and cannot be easily accessed from outside those mission boundaries and governing authorities. ​

The Solution:

CDF is a commercial software based data broker that provides enterprise intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) data to consuming machines and applications throughout the Defense Intelligence Information Environment (DI2E). The CDF data broker is a critical component of the Defense Intelligence Digital Transformation implementation​.

  • CDF provides the fastest, most secure enterprise capability for sharing Intelligence Community (IC) data 
  • CDF ensures compliance with enterprise directives and guidance by the U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence & Security and U.S. Director of National Intelligence

The Benefits

CDF enables U.S. forces operating in a joint environment access to all DoD ISR data across unique mission boundaries​.