National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Agile Web Presence

The Problem:

NGA needed a user-centric, web-based experience for its customers to find information about the agency’s millions of geospatial products, as well as its services, tools, and support. The solution had to provide a single enterprise search capability and a way for users to go quickly from identifying useful metadata about products to the products themselves.

The Solution:

Using Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) best practices and an AWS GovCloud-hosted pipeline, Octo built a robust web-based solution for displaying NGA’s latest and most relevant geospatial content. We built a fast user interface for searching NGA’s product, service, tool, and support catalogs to identify what NGA has to offer. We also enabled enterprise mapping and visualization, enterprise and search and retrieval, identity management, and intelligence product file retrieval.

Key Takeaways
  • Octo’s contract with NGA is based on a “fixed price per sprint” model. Octo and the Government’s success implementing this model and other customer-centric process improvements yielded the program the 2017 USD AT&L Packard Award for Acquisition Excellence.
  • Octo’s SAFe development methodology has accelerated new product and feature development at NGA, vastly improving the user experience and reducing user time spent seeking geospatial data.
  • With Octo’s support, the Agile Web Presence program became one of the first NGA program of record to receive ICD 503 compliance while adhering to and maintaining DoD RMF requirements.

The Benefits

Octo’s efforts have made NGA’s multiple web experiences more resilient, more secure, and faster to load for all NGA and external customers. These web experiences provide more customized, personalized, and customer-relevant content than ever before.