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Octo’s Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are the force behind the cutting-edge solutions and innovations we’re known for. Made up of diverse teams of multidisciplinary and domain experts who understand the Federal Government’s issues and challenges, Octo’s CoEs collaborate to build applied solutions leveraging the technology of tomorrow to meet today’s mission needs. Our CoEs foster a rich environment of knowledge-sharing, continuous learning, best practices, and exploration – all to help Federal Government agencies and organizations reach the next level.

Turning Ideas Into Action

We established the CoEs to accomplish two objectives:

1) Develop solutions for customers using the latest technologies, and further invest in our staff through focused training and mentorship relevant to their career path and technical skill set.

2) Establish a wide array of dedicated staff who introduce solutions and guide corporate technology trajectory while collaborating with experts throughout the company.

Areas of Expertise

Agile and DevSecOps

As Agile methodologies become more ubiquitous, it is important to remain relevant, competitive, and ahead of the pack. The Agile and DevSecOps CoE develops and implements solutions that help customers develop a culture of Agile and deploy DevSecOps at scale. Our ShiftUp product is a core example. ShiftUp is a complete solution that helps you start, manage, and optimize your Agile and DevSecOps delivery in a fully automated and integrated manner — from the first user story to the final sprint. Current customers leveraging Octo Agile capabilities Include: NGA, HHS, NCI, USPTO and DHS.

AI and Data Science

AI is a core technology of the future. We deliver industry leading artificial intelligence capabilities and work hand in hand with customers to operationalize those capabilities and make sense of their data. Our advanced AI solutions push the boundaries of AI — from empowering warfighters on the frontline in austere, limited, or no-bandwidth environments to augmented reality using 3D point clouds to categorizing and tagging medical research imagery in support of cancer research. Customers leveraging Octo AI capabilities include the U.S. Army, USPTO, HHS, and more.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Leveraging leading edge cloud best practices, we optimize cloud and on-premise infrastructures to support mission objectives, increase performance, enhance reliability, and maximize availability. What’s more, we deploy infrastructures using the latest architecture frameworks and services, ensuring security by adhering to standards developed by NIST, DOD, FedRAMP, and more. Octo helps agencies make their cloud and hybrid solutions cost effective and scalable to meet future requirements without compromising mission. Find out why customers including The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and SAMHSA rely on Octo’s Cloud and Infrastructure solutions.


With threat environments increasing exponentially, it’s critical that organizations of all sizes have robust cybersecurity solutions in place. Octo leverages best-in-class tools and technologies to create proactive solutions that tangibly improve our customers’ security postures. Through merging next level technology with our extensive knowledge of federal cyber requirements, we help organizations protect sensitive data and mitigate risk. Customers ranging from the U.S. Army DCO, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), to DHA DCoE all currently leverage our advanced cyber solutions.


From enterprise integration efforts to legacy systems modernization, we use open source and open standards to maximize efficiency and impact while controlling costs and reducing delivery time. By removing the need to buy entirely new systems, we’re able to develop systems that reduce contractor lock and drastically lower systems modernization costs. Guided by our Agile SecDevOps Playbook, we build high-quality, secure, cloud-enabled microservices using open source technologies. We use automation and orchestration to develop stateless applications as containerized microservices and serverless functions and deploy them to multi-tier cloud environments with immutable infrastructures. OctoCX customers include NGA, U.S. Air Force, and Allied intelligence agencies.

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