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If you have these questions, our solutions can help:
  • I would like to consolidate my data centers and move applications to cloud… do I go about it?
  • I would like to take advantage of innovations in technology but I'm not sure if I have the right skills to execute.
  • I would like to modernize my applications and architecture.....where do I start?
  • I would like to deploy mobile devices in my organization… can I make sure they are secure?
  • I would like to use technology to do more with less and cut costs….just not sure which technologies will help me.
  • I have lot of data in structured and unstructured format….how do I make sure we are harnessing the information?
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The Role of Technology Solutions

What is Technology Solutions?

Unpredictable and volatile economic environment, coupled with federal mandates for performance optimization, is forcing organizations to innovate and do more with less to stay ahead and meet critical mission objectives. The role of IT within an organization is fundamentally changing due to a perfect storm of business drivers, technological innovations and changing customer base.

Business Drivers

While the current economic downturn has caused many organizations to look for ways to optimize and cut costs, the public sector also had to pay attention to some key federal mandates such as the OMB’s 25 point memo. This memo mandated a “cloud-first” policy that directed the agencies to look for shared services and infrastructure where possible before turning to internal data centers. Technology innovations and changing citizen base are also forging new service models and are forcing the public sector to adapt.

Technology Enablers

 There were some major evolutions and changes in technological landscape over the past few years that are enabling organizations to bring new ways to deliver services to their workforce, customers and citizens. Mobile devices and cloud computing are changing the role of IT in an organization, and are creating opportunities for innovation to enable on-demand access to information assets. Solutions in the area of Big Data are enabling organizations to harness the power of diverse information assets and unlock the knowledge buried within the assets.

Changing Workforce and Citizens

The lines between professional and personal lives are blurring due to the proliferation of Social Media and today’s citizen is more social, knowledgeable, collaborative and transparent. Millenials are entering the workforce, becoming engaged citizens and are changing the expectations around the way services are delivered within and outside of an organization. Today’s workforce and citizens are technically savvy, come armed with mobile devices and are demanding a seamless, secure, context aware experience at home, at work, at play or on the road.

The ubiquitous connectivity created by the convergence of Cloud Computing, Mobile, Big Data and Social Media is fundamentally changing how technology is delivered and how information is consumed by employees, customers and citizens. We have moved to an era where everyone has an expectation of “on-demand” access to information and application assets within an organization. This expectation of ubiquitous connectivity requires a new kind of “Agile, On-Demand” organization and new kind of approach to computing, systems and information processing. However, most organizations are dealing with rigid infrastructures made up of legacy hardware, software, and siloed processes. They are experiencing applications and information complexity, driven by an explosion of information and aging assets. These infrastructures are also often built on an old model that required organizations to custom build and manage everything themselves. As a result, many organizations are spending the bulk of their budgets on operations— creating a widening gap between what the business needs and what IT can deliver. Faced with these challenges, how do you leverage technology to become an Agile, On-Demand organization?


How Can We Help?

Octo Consulting can provide the solution breadth and depth needed to help you transform your organization into an Agile, On-Demand organization. We can use technology to deliver innovation at every point in your enterprise that delivers results, from mobile devices to global data centers. We can integrate and automate the enterprise and technology across your entire value chain. Our consultants are seasoned technology professionals with many years of hands-on experience in a wide swatch of technologies.

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Enabling an Agile, On-Demand Organization

We’re a technology company, so we have the hands-on experience to give you practical, real-world advice.  We know that navigating the vast and ever-changing waters of technology is no easy task, so when you’re planning for the future, Octo can be your trusted adviser. We’ll help you get from here to there, with a sound strategy and long-term outlook.  Whether you’re looking for a smarter way to spend your technology budget or need to increase your agency’s transparency, we can help you define your technology road map. And it’s not just about throwing the latest technologies at your problem; it’s about finding the right fit for you.

We work with you to find the set of solutions that are the right fit for your organization based on your unique needs. Octo's approach is pragmatic and proven—with no vested interest in supporting legacy infrastructure solutions that no longer provide the right mix of functionality and cost. We will find the right combination of hardware, software, applications, architecture; tools and sourcing options to cost effectively meet your enterprise and technology needs.

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  • Agile Development
  • We preach and practice agile delivery models with a focus on incremental delivery of results to your organization with measurable progress.  Our staff includes seasoned, certified Scrum masters with several years of agile project delivery under their belt.
  • We believe in and practice adopting open standards based architectures, tools and technologies so that your organization can delivery flexible solutions to your customers without vendor lock-in.
  • Open Standards
  • Service Oriented Approach
  • We apply the principles of Service Oriented design and architecture to every component we build enabling enterprise wide reuse in multiple applications.  Utilization of service oriented principles to application architectures enables us to leverage legacy assets via service wrappers 
  • Best "Pragmatic"
  • There is not “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Best practice for one organization may not necessarily be appropriate for another.  We use our past experiences and expertise to bring “best-pragmatic” solutions to your organization that are unique to your organization and still leverage industry best practices.
  • Collaborative
  • We work closely with you to bring the best out of both of us and create solutions that are just right for your organization.
  • Innovative
  • Our seasoned technology consultants come with years of hands-on experience and the strategic vision needed to deliver integrated, holistic solutions driven by innovation.  We have the expertise and experience to look at the technology landscape and apply the right fusion of technologies to meet your mission objectives.