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How can program management ensure delivery of results?

If you have these questions, our solutions can help :
  • I have a program that is in trouble - but I am not sure how to fix it?
  • I have a critical program and I'm not sure if I have the right skills to execute it.
  • I have a great plan...just not sure if I can execute it?
  • I think my program is going well, but I am not sure?
  • I have a lot of different projects going on but don't know the status of them?
  • I have limited funding and don't know which of my projects need it?
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The Role of Critical Program Management

What isCritical Program Management?

Critical Program Managment (CPM) provides a formalized and holistic supervision of a crucial project, or multiple projects. CPM is usually performed by an  expert that oversees all the complexities and ensures that the project not only remains on track from start to finish, but also delivers the intended business results.


CPM allows for issues to be addressed in a politically correct way, so that they can be managed and accounted for properly and don't stall the program.  Best practice Program Management principles employed by Octo include : 


  • Pursue Meaningful and Incremental Results  - Designing the approach for a program that pursues incremental results is essential for continued executive support in an ever-evolving political and financial environment
  • Keep it Practical - Developing an approach that employs ‘just-enough’ process and controls that recognizes the organizational and political realities of your organization is a fundamental key to success
  • Don’t Ignore the Early Signs - Recognizing and acting on the early signs of issues and risks  that will eventually turn into complex and critical problems is imperitive to allow for timely mitigation and bypassing of undesired consequences
  • Continually Re-Evaluate Your Alignment  - Regularly evaluating your current investments and their alignment to evolving program goals and requirements is essential for maintaining the program’s currency and overall perceived value 
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Critical Program Management Infographic
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At Octo Consulting we believe our client success is defined by a relentless focus on program and project results. As a result, our approach focuses on the early identification and avoidance of risks and issues and is adaptable to a wide variety of programs and projects; from major IT implementations to business transformation. We recognize that each stage of a program's lifecycle is critical, and the value and related risk of the program grows as it matures through the lifecycle. Our approach includes flexible and rigorous methodologies for each stage of the lifecycle and supports varying levels of involvement with the program; from independent program assurance activities to direct project management support. Finally, our approach recognizes that a project is a marathon and crucial resources need to be managed effectively throughout the program’s lifecycle.

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  • If your current program is under-performing or failing…
  • Our CPM Assessment solution looks at the existing program to identify how it currently manages the various aspects of each project and identifies potential gaps while providing a get-well plan on how to get the program back on track to effectiveness.
  • Our CPM Startup solution provides our customers with various types of analysis that include developing business cases or cost-benefit trade-offs, conducting alternatives analysis, and developing program structure concepts (e.g., organization, skills and processes).
  • If you want to secure funding and stand up a program…