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Supporting the national security mission through case-management, data visualization, and cyber-security.
  • Forensic Laboratory Management

    The United States’ judicial system is based on properly documenting, collecting and analyzing evidence as efficiently, and accurately, as possible.  Forensic laboratory staff have a significant role examining evidence, and preparing the necessary paperwork for internal and external analysis to increase the number of successful prosecutions based upon the forensic evidence.

  • Preventative Cybersecurity

    Cyber Defense Framework: Understanding the interaction between technology and organizational design to build an effective Cybersecurity organization, compliant with FISMA and NIST principles.  Utilizing both technology and human processes to enable secure storage, information sharing, and preventing unwanted access.  Supporting the incorporation of cloud any mobile solutions without sacrificing security.

  • Threat Visualization

    Building an analyst-centric dashboard to enable analysts in viewing real-time threat information.  Bringing together data from a variety of sources, including state, local and federal intelligence.  Using geo-tagging of data to facilitate the identification of trends and patterns.  Utilizing agile development principles to respond to changing needs and priorities.

  • Intelligence Collection

    Across civilian, military, national security, and intelligence agencies, intelligence collection is a fundamental intelligence lifecycle activity for conducting and solving investigations.  Intelligence collection, the process of managing and organizing the collection of intelligence information from various sources, is intended to help decision-makers at every level make informed decisions.  Intelligence collection information sources include human intelligence (HUMINT), imagery intelligence (ININT), signals intelligence (SIGINT), measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT), technical intelligence (TECHINT), and open source intelligence (OSINT).