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Octo understands the government's role in preventative health, introducing solutions to modernize clinical research and improve occupational health.
  • Octo's Capabilities Supporting Research and Development

    The function of Research and Development within Health includes individuals, or organizations (both public and private) who promote the advancement of science and technology, health, environmental quality. Innvoation in science and technology, health, environmental quality, and agriculture is moving at its fastest pace ever; however, the global share of R&D expenditures within the U.S. is on a steady decline.  To keep pace with an increasingly globally competitive environment, research and development organizations must be able to do more with less. 

    Octo offers a variety of tailored strategies that use technology to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness. We can help organizations find new opportunities to enable collaboration and foster creative discoveries, leverage pooled data from distributed information sources and communicate information more effectively through graphical and interactive means, and streamline the grants administration process through improved document management workflow.

    Our specific capabilities in this area include Data Analytics / "Big Data" (Linked Data in the Enterprise), Grants Administration (Document Management & Workflow Automation), and Crowd Sourcing / Idea Management.

  • Capabilities Supporting the Provider

    Providers includes hospitals, clinics, health care professionals, or teams of health care professionals who provide care services for patients. with an increasing demand for better health outcomes from service recipients, providers are seeking new ways to leverage technology to improve quality, delivery, and access to care. 

    To support this mission, Octo can help providers with assessments and acquisitions of technology products and vendor services, improving interoperability and sustainability of HIEs, redesigning their underlying infrastructure and/or operations in order to support secured information exchanges, and using evidence-based medicine and science to systematically drive preventative and remedial care.

  • Capabilities Supporting the Payer

    Payers are entities other than the patient that finance or reimburse the cost of health care services. Today's payers are faced with rising costs while having to comply with changes stemming from reform. With the future of health reform coming into focus, Octo can help payers transform their businesses into a 21st century-ready organization by identifying and recommending opportunities for cost-savings and improved operational efficiency, such as replacing outdated technologies with emerging ones to reduce the massive costs associated with the manual processing of claims; re-engineering business processes to keep pace with the evolution of payments and reimbursements; planning and implementing case management solutions to enhance efficiency, better handle increasingly complex cases, and ensure regulatory compliance. 

  • Capabilities Supporting the Regulator / Policy Maker

    Regulators / policy makers in Health include organizations charged with protecting and promoting health and safety by creating, instituting, and enforcing plans, actions, and decisions that are aimed to improve health care coverage, quality of care, and access to care. The health, agriculture, and environmental industries are some of the most heavily regulated and monitored in the United States. Regulation-driven reform along with insights shed from research prompt changes across every facet of each of these industries.

    Octo can help organizations more easily establish, implement, and manage these changes by harnessing the power of "big data" and data analytics to help uncover trends and patterns and supporting the development of strategic plans and policies to shape and guide the direction of the organization