Navy SeaPort-e

To enable electronic procurement of engineering, financial, and program management support services across the Department of the Navy, SYSCOM Commanders offer an eased procurement process through the Seaport Enhanced (SeaPort-e) contract vehicle. Using the SeaPort-e portal, Navy procurement teams can rely on standardized processes to issue competitive solicitations to a large and diverse community of approved contractors. In addition, the portal provides a platform for awarding and managing performance-based task orders. This unified approach allows SeaPort-e service procurement teams to identify and repeat best practices, leverage existing work product and utilize proven approaches across the Navy's critical service business sector.  Octo Consulting Group is proud to provide comprehensive professional service support on the SeaPort-e contract vehicle. Combining capabilities in management and technology consulting as well as financial services management and planning with proven results, the Octo Team will effectively and efficiently support the greatest challenges faced by NAVAIR, NAVSEA, NAVSUP, SPAWAR, USMC and other government organizations.

Octo Team

Octo is very proud to have teamed with Deloitte Consulting, LLC in order to provide broad and deep coverage to our SeaPort-e customers, and particularly to offer their core competency of financial management and planning.

Octo Team Unique Capabilities

Through the SeaPort-e vehicle, these organizations can work with Octo, a proven Federal, 8(a) certified consulting firm with broad experience across the Federal government providing critical objective advice and professional services support. Working with Octo, SeaPort-e customers can expect the following:

  • Independence and Objectivity - The foundation of our business is our undeniable objectivity and independence from external supplier pressures as well as maintaining intellectual integrity despite internal client forces.  Octo’s intellectual capital and recommendations on how to achieve customer objectives will be based solely on discovery, experience and forward-thinking thought leadership.
  • Proven Methodology and Past Performance - Octo Consulting Group’s approach leverages seasoned consultants to execute delivery, the value of which is typically realized through greater engagement team expertise and efficiency.  Further, Octo’s methodologies are analysis and fact-based and tightly integrated into strategic and organizational change management agendas.  Octo is focuses on delivering executable plans and sustainable, repeatable processes that our clients employ to foster positive, incremental change.  Our approach to strategic management consulting focuses on execution of programs and their myriad  support functions as the means to  increased clarity, understanding, buy-in, and support for the organization – both internally and externally.
  • Experience and “Best Pragmatics” - Octo leverages industry-proven frameworks to develop a tailored governance and integrated operating model that makes pragmatic sense for our customers.  In our experience, the most prominent and complementary of these frameworks are COBIT, ITIL and CMMI.
  • Quality - The goal of the Octo Team Quality Program is to ensure that the highest quality services are provided on every SeaPort-e TO. Our quality philosophy is that high quality can only be achieved by consistently executing defined processes that are continuously subjected to process improvement initiatives and supported by quality control measures. Our rigorous approach to quality depicted in the figure below, is based on the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle and maps to Octo’s Plan-Execute-Track-Report TO Management process.

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Contact Information

Laura Hoffman—Contract Administrator, +1 571 319 7157

Frank Nelowet—Business Development, +1 703 855 3510

Mehul Sanghani—President and CEO, +1 571 275 0120

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