Client Division Title: 
Department of Agriculture
Client Practice Area: 
Performance Based Acquisition
Client Seal: 
Success Stats: 
  • Cumulative savings to the Government of 40%
  • Rationalization of contracts from 85 to 3
Client Challenge Description: 

The Forest Service IT services portfolio has historically been supported by over 35 contractors through more than 85 contracts.  They elected to streamline the provisioning of IT Services support, centralizing these contracts into three (3) Task Order Contracts and Blanket Purchase Agreements, each with multiple, complimentary functional areas.  The Forest Service sought the support of a contractor with deep expertise in contract formation and source selection for complex IT requirements.  Octo Consulting Group was brought in to provide provide critical, operational support to the Government’s internal IT service delivery staff, transition planning and execution, which required a Transition approach and plan that would enable a successful transition.

Client Approach Description: 

Octo's approach to this problem was to develop and revise multiple documents in the standard solicitation package and provide on-site Source Selection Support to three (3) evaluation teams including facilitation of consensus reports, documentation of consensus rationale for ratings, and consensus source selection recommendation.  Octo developed a Risk Mitigation and Management Plan, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan, and Communications Plan to assist the Forest Service project office in preparing for oversight of the Contract; and developed a Transition Strategy that addressed Transition Planning, Transition Preparation and Transition Execution is key domains such as Contract Baselining, Schedule & Risk Management, Communications & Training, Technical Oversight, Security Management, Knowledge Transfer, Process Alignment, and Outgoing, Incoming and 3rd Party Contractor Management.

    Client Solutions Description: 
    • Performance-based Acquisition Support
    • Transition Planning and Execution
    • Performance Management Strategy and Service Level Agreement Development
    • Performance-based Task Order Development
    Client Focus Areas: 
    • Contract Management and Quality Assurance Support
    • Acquisition Planning and Scoping
    • Requirements and Mission Analysis
    • Market Research and Requirements Development
    • Transition Planning and Execution
    • Organizational Design and Governance
    • Evaluation and Negotiations Support
    • RFP and Document Development
    • Performance Incentive Planning
    Client Results: 
    • Cumulative savings to the Government of 40% when compared to the current spend.
    • Methods and tools have streamlined the solicitation and evaluation process and brought a high degree of rigor and specificity to the requirements and resulting contract.
    • The Government’s ability to hold the Contractor accountable is maximized due to the presence of substantial requirements detail and the inclusion of targeted and detailed performance measures.
    • Several innovations introduced including the use of a unit based Fixed Pricing and a comprehensive and integrated transition strategy.