Client Division Title: 
Department of Commerce
Client Practice Area: 
Establishing Technical Standards
Client Seal: 
Department of Commerce
Success Stats: 
  • Conducted portfolio analysis on 90 business applications
  • Performed analysis of technology footprint that consisted of 275+ Unique Vendors and 11,000 unique technologies
Client Challenge Description: 

The Census CIO and CTO initiated a review of all IT operations, planning and management functions, including the Enterprise Architecture program and how the IT organization should govern through the Census. The CIO noted that improving the Census Enterprise Architecture was a top priority with the expectations to have a completed As-Is Architecture published by the end of FY2010.  The Census requested Octo Consulting Group to support re-invigorating its Enterprise Architecture program, with an initial focus on establishing 1) an enterprise-wide technology portfolio, 2) a business application portfolio for the Economic Directorate and 3) guidance and artifacts to initiate an Architecture Review Board.

Client Approach Description: 

Interviewed business and technical stakeholders to identify the data sources by which the technology standards should be set.

Developed business and technical assessment questions to evaluate the application portfolio and assess its overall impact toward the agency mission and objectives and established a standard data collection tool and process for technology and applications.

Provided management reports that identified redundancy and gaps in the application and technology portfolio.

Client Solutions Description: 

To support the Census, Octo created an Enterprise Technical Standards Profile, assessing various sources of technology inventories and developing a process to integrate and map this information to a standard taxonomy.  Octo also developed the business application portfolio, focusing on the Economic Directorate, and created application mappings to help the Census understand their architecture.  Octo also reviewed existing IT governance and provided recommendation of the concept, roles and responsibilities, workflow, and the charter to initiate a needed Architecture Review Board, and evaluated and recommended enterprise architecture repository product alternatives.

Client Focus Areas: 
  • Technical standards
  • Application portfolio rationalization
  • Architecture governance
Client Results: 
  • A Census-wide technology baseline that is being incorporated into IT software and hardware purchase decision-making
  • An application portfolio to better understand and address organizational, technical, and security risks
  • A new governing organization, the Architecture Review Board, to establish Technical Standards for software and hardware, as well as to guide solutions and purchases