Client Division Title: 
Department of Commerce
Client Practice Area: 
Data Center Management / ITIL
Client Seal: 
Department of Commerce
Success Stats: 
  • Implemented five new ITIL procedures for operational improvement
Client Challenge Description: 

In 2009, the Bureau Of The Census, Computer Services Division was engaged in an effort to stand up a Program Management Office (PMO), capable of providing governance and oversight over the delivery of expert systems administration services and the functionality of a stable, fault tolerant, and secure computing facility. Octo Consulting Group was brought in to provide data center management support to provide tactical as well as strategic support for the infrastructure operations.

Client Approach Description: 

To support this client, Octo provided program management support to the Chief of the Census Bureau’s IT Directorate, Computer Services Division and assisted in the program management activities required to maintain computing systems, including communications, systems’ storage area networking, and systems security. Octo also provided guidance in the development of business process engineering, utilizing industry best practices according to the ITIL framework, and produced business processes, to ensure optimum levels of operational effectiveness. Finally, Octo assisted in defining server requirements and procurement of hardware, operating systems software, and OS software tools; coordinate and schedule installation management process and operations.

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Assess the current Census ITIL artifacts and the existing PMO Governance framework
  • Establish PMI & ITIL governance approaches, tools and templates
  • Provide management oversight for the continued development and deployment of new ITIL processes
  • Implementation of MS Project  as the standard document  for management of all BCC IT projects
  • Provided technical management advisory services to ensure that the Service Provider is providing services using best-practice solutions and standards, and in conformance to the Project Work Statement
Client Focus Areas: 
  • IT process optimization
  • ITIL
  • Vendor management
Client Results: 
  • Establishment of a Census approved, documented process for blade server technology development & deployment
  • Establishment of  Census approved, ITIL approaches , tools and templates
  • Development of the Remedy Change Management module for the governance of configuration changes to the infrastructure
    Implementation of MS Project as the standard for management of all CSvD IT projects, thereby enhancing workflow management and resource utilization