Client Division Title: 
Department of Commerce
Client Practice Area: 
Enterprise Solution Architecture / Technical Standards
Client Seal: 
Department of Commerce
Success Stats: 
  • Established the first architecture review board for the Economic Directorate
  • Created the first list of technical standards for the Economic Directorate
Client Challenge Description: 

The Economic Census involves collecting and processing information from more than 21 million businesses (including non-employers and administrative records data).  Moving forward to 2012 and beyond, the leadership realized that program needed to evaluate the architecture of the system and determine a new target-state.  The Economic Directorate, which manages the Economic Census that is conducted every 5 years, approached Octo Consulting Group to provide a target-state architecture for the program and address other critical issues related to a brittle architecture and lack of IT standards and architecture.

Client Approach Description: 

Octo consulting took an "Enterprise Architecture" perspective when supporting this customer.  The project started with a comprenensive assessment of the current-state of the business and criticla business needs that would become the drivers for any target-state architecture decisions.  It was followed by an alternatives analysis of conceptual architectures, followed by the definition of a more detailed solution architecture for the program.  Octo supported the definition of target-state standards using facilitated sessions and helped create architecture governance boards by bridging executives and technologists. 

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Data Collection – Requirements and Constraints for Target-State
  • Define Conceptual Target-State Solution for Economic Census 2012
  • Select Software Solutions
  • Provide an independent and objective view of the leading edge technologies within the industry and factoring these considerations into the evaluation and recommendations
  • Support development of requirements and design for the 2012 Economic Census Transition Proof of Concept
  • Oversight and advisory support for  the 2012 Economic Census Transition decision making and Proof of Concept
  • Development of a Transition Plan and actionable architecture document that the Branch Chiefs can then use to implement specific concepts and technologies for the 2012 Economic Census
Client Focus Areas: 
  • Conceptual architecture
  • Solution architecture
  • Alternatives analysis
  • Technical standards
  • Architecture governance
  • Transition planning
  • Proof of Concept support
Client Results: 
  • Created the first Enterprise Architecture for the Economic Census
  • Defined a comprehensive business capabilities document that was agreed to by the business
  • Defined a governance model that allowed the Economic Directorate and the new CIO communicate and collaborate on architecture decisions
  • Provided hands-on advisory support leading to the successful Proof of Concept and