Client Division Title: 
Department of Defense
Client Practice Area: 
Architecture Governance and Technical Standards
Client Seal: 
U.S. Army
Success Stats: 
  • Single workflow for setting IT standards and making product decisions
  • Charter enhancements have brought a much needed level of clarity and understanding of the Board’s role in the broader scope of IT governance
  • Pragmatic and actionable improvement plan, aimed at addressing root causes
Client Challenge Description: 

Under a new enterprise model, the Corps and its outsourced IT service provider (Ace-IT) are full partners. The Corps is responsible for strategic/command and control activities, and directing Ace-IT enterprise-level IT services in the key areas of automation, communications, information assurance, and configuration management.  The Enterprise Services Division (ESD) required process and communications improvement to making effective technology hardware and software decisions in support of the business, and for delivery through its outsourcing partner.  Octo Consulting Group was asked to support this effort by establishing a single workflow for setting IT standards and making product decisions.

Client Approach Description: 

Octo employed stakeholder interviews with representatives from across the organization in order to identify and understand the gaps with current governance and processes.  We reviewed existing IT governance and provided recommendation of the concept, roles and responsibilities, workflow, and the Charter to re-brand and invigorate a suboptimal governance board. Octo created the Enterprise Technical Standards Standard Operating Procedures for the Corps, including a detailed description of the techniques to employ when making target-state decisions.  Finally, we evaluated and recommended improvement initiatives, and developed an Improvement Roadmap to address the key themes and findings from interviews and documentation review.

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Governance diagnostic
  • Target-setting IT standards techniques customization
  • Transition plan development
Client Focus Areas: 
  • IT Governance
  • Standards setting
Client Results: 
  • USACE-wide standard operating procedures for technical standards and preferred products providing dual purpose use by the Operations and Architecture governance groups
  • Key findings and themes, summarizing stakeholder feedback, used to define an improvement plan
  • Enhancements and clarifications to the Enterprise Configuration Control Board Charter, roles and responsibilities, and the membership