Client Division Title: 
Department of Defense
Client Practice Area: 
Performance Based Acquisition
Client Seal: 
Department of the Army
Success Stats: 
  • Supporting over ninety (90) Contract actions of varying complexity
  • Supporting the competition and award of over $1.7B in contract value
Client Challenge Description: 

Product Manager (PM) Area Processing Centers (APC) manages a complex portfolio of over ninety contracting actions, with a contract value in excess of $1.7 Billion across the Army budget cycle.   These projects compose a significant portion of the Army's Global Network and are a critical part of the Department of the Army's initiative to transform its IT Enterprise into a single, cohesive force deployment enabler.  Octo Consulting provides acquisition support to PM APC across the full acquisition lifecycle - from providing acquisition strategy support through evcaluation.

Client Approach Description: 

Octo’s team of acquisition professionals brings wide-ranging experience and expertise across a variety of acquisition methods, all consistent with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DFARS, and AFAR, to the support of the full lifecycle of acquisition for PM APC.  Octo develops and provides skills development and training across a wide variety of over twenty topics integral to successful execution of the acquisition process and across the full acquisition lifecycle; both Government and Contractor personnel participate in this skills development.  Octo performs all acquisition support functions from concept through close-out and integrates with the closely related functions of budgeting and engineering to ensure a consistent and actionable acquisition strategy and implementation

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Market Research and Requirements Development – Development of Requests for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought notices, analysis and evaluation of vendor solution alternatives; development of Independent Government Cost Estimates and benchmarking reports
  • RFP and Document Development – Facilitation of collaborative requirements development, detailed Performance Work Statements, Instructions, and Evaluation Criteria, rigorous quality surveillance plans, and sole-source/brand name justification documentation
  • Service Level Management – Development and implementation of a customized Service Level Incentive Management framework, including Performance Management Strategies, detailed Service Level Agreements, incentive/disincentive plans, and tools for streamlining adjudication and administration of service level attainment and incentives/disincentives
  • Evaluation Support – Source Selection facilitation, training, tools, and documentation; elicitation of evaluation discriminators, Instructions to Offerors and Evaluation Factors
  • Contract Administration – Supply proven administration methodologies, tools and diagnostic tools that speed time to results, maintaining compliance with contractual requirements, and conformance to reporting requirements.
  • Contract Management and Quality Assurance Support – Design of a comprehensive service level monitoring program and introduction of contract management and quality assurance best practices.
Client Focus Areas: 
  • Contract Management and Quality Assurance Support
  • Acquisition Planning and Scoping
  • Requirements and Mission Analysis
  • Market Research and Requirements Development
  • Transition Planning and Execution
  • Organizational Design and Governance
  • Evaluation and Negotiations Support
  • RFP and Document Development
  • Performance Incentive Planning
Client Results: 
  • Supporting execution of a wide ranging portfolio of over ninety (90) Contract actions of varying complexity and scope for supplies and services
  • Collaborating and coordinating with eleven contracting offices and dozens of Contracting Officers
  • Supporting the competition and award of over $1.7B in contract value