Client Division Title: 
Department of Labor
Client Practice Area: 
Technology Solutions/Case Management
Client Seal: 
Success Stats: 

Completed 15 sprints and delivered 600 change requests, features and bug fixes over 18 months.

Deployed the OIS application to over 1500 Federal and Consultation Safety and Health professionals across the United States.

Client Challenge Description: 

OSHA had an urgent need to replace their legacy mission system as the system was no longer meeting the needs of the users and technically no longer viable.  The next generation replacement system, OSHA Information System (OIS), was to serve as the agency’s sole mission system to manage investigations, cases, and enforcement operations. It was designed to enable agency compliance with strategic plan objectives for the next decade and beyond. As this modernization effort and associated program represented the single largest transformation effort in the history of the department, OSHA asked Octo Consulting Group to take over Operations and Maintenance of the OIS system.  Octo has taken over the O & M activities in 2011, with Octo being solely accountable for all aspects of critical project management, technical oversight, application development, infrastructure management and technical guidance for the OIS system development activities.

Client Approach Description: 

Utilizing Enterprise Java and Oracle BPM technologies, Octo has developed a custom-built case management application that provides OSHA’s employees the flexible and powerful analytical tools they need to help manage, track and mitigate injury, illness, and fatality trends at state, local and national levels. 

Octo oversaw the OIS system’s successful evolution through all of the Department of Labor’s mandated SDLCM stage gate reviews – producing the planning artifacts necessary at the project’s onset to move past the initial phase, developing the foundational requirements documents and architectural blue-prints that allowed for promotion out of the requirements phase, and most recently overseeing a complex and aggressive system development phase that produced the successful launch of the OIS system and transition into the O&M Phase.

During O&M, Octo assembled a solution delivery team consisting of Enterprise Java Developers, Business Process Management Server Developers, Report Writers, Data Architects, ETL specialists, and a technical quality assurance team in order to continue to support and extend OIS.  Utilizing the Agile methodology of Scrum, Octo has been able to consistently deliver value to the end-user community by incrementally delivering fixes, enhancements, and additional functionality.  The team has delivered value in terms of weeks, not months or years.

Client Solutions Description: 
Agile Development

Octo successfully applied Agile development principles to the development of OIS by implementing industry standard Scrum development methodology.   All the features, change requests and defects were converted into a single prioritized product backlog, while OSHA stakeholder groups served as Product Owners.  Over 600 user stories (features, change requests, and bug fixes) were delivered in 15 sprints over 18 months.

System Deployment

Octo assisted OSHA with the planning, development and implementation of the OIS deployment strategy. Octo has developed a detailed deployment plan reflecting the critical deployment tasks such as Data Cleansing and Migration; Certification and Accreditation (C&A); Hosting & IT Infrastructure; End User/System Training; Stakeholder Communication; Help Desk Support; and Operations and Maintenance Transition.

Operations and Maintenance

Octo is assisting OSHA with the planning and implementation of the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support services which includes definition of O&M processes and procedures, in accordance with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL); Data Center Management; Configuration Management; Hardware / Software Maintenance; IT Security; Database Administration; Service Level Agreements (SLAs); Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) Management; and Network and System Performance Monitoring. 

Client Focus Areas: 
  • Mission Oriented Software Engineering
  • Application Management and Support
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Case Management
  • Model Driven Development
Client Results: 
  • Octo successfully completed the development of the OIS application in the early summer of 2011.  The application supports Federal and State Safety and Health professionals across the United States.  Octo is currently supporting the O&M phase of the project where we continue to rollout updates and enhancements to the application using an Agile Development process.  
  • Octo deployed the OIS application to over 1500 Federal and Consultation Safety and Health professionals across the United States. For Federal OSHA it is the main repository for safety and health data.  The deployments entailed complex coordination for data migration, end user training and Help Desk ramp up support.  The deployment for the remaining 2500 users is upcoming in Fiscal Year 2013.