Client Division Title: 
Department of Defense
Client Practice Area: 
Application Portfolio Management and Technology Roadmap
Client Seal: 
Naval Air Systems Command
Success Stats: 
  • Identified over 80 systems providing largely overlapping portal capabilities
  • Identified opportunities to reduce number of supported technologies by over 30%
Client Challenge Description: 

In 2009, the Department of Navy, NAVAIR CIO stood up a Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture program to assist in driving mission-related IT solutions and investment decisions. As part of this effort, the NAVAIR CIO developed tasks to establish a centralized repository of technical system standards and information and establish the proper governance checkpoints and review boards to ensure effective decision making.  To address these gaps within the decision-making process, Octo Consulting Group was tasked with delivering the required solutions and tools to realize these goals.

Client Approach Description: 

Octo Consulting supported NAVAIR by establishing a portfolio management process for collecting requirements and by establishing a portfolio assessment tool to effectively gather and analyze the necessary information on IT assets.  Octo also established Enterprise Architecture governance approaches, tools and templates and developed the Lifecycle Management process for institutionalizing the evaluation of new investments, and advised on strategies to implement and support an MS SharePoint solution to maintain IT asset information in a centralized manner across NAVAIR and provided technical advisory services to ensure that solutions were built using best-practice design methods.

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Developed an enterprise-wide portfolio assessment tool, enabling NAVAIR to gather and analyze the necessary information to make better informed, more effective investment and portfolio rationalization decisions.
  • Provided best practice guidance on developing a target state technology roadmap and actionable transition plan.
Client Focus Areas: 
  • Application rationalization
  • Target-state decision making
  • Technology roadmap
  • Data capture tools
Client Results: 
  • Improved visibility, consistency and accuracy of key information on IT assets.  A holistic view of current technology usage and dependencies.
  • More effective governance practices enabling improved decision making.
  • Ability to properly manage IT portfolio, making investment, rationalization and technology retirement decisions based on full and accurate information.