Client Division Title: 
Department of Justice
Client Practice Area: 
Application Portfolio Management
Client Seal: 
Department of Justice
Success Stats: 
  • Realized $31.4M potential cost saving opportunities for the FBI.
Client Challenge Description: 

Like a number of government agencies today, the FBI lacked a full understanding of their Information Technology (IT) footprint across operational divisions, and found it difficult to make decisions about current IT investments and capabilities.   Concurrently, a number of mandates from the Department of Justice, Office of Management and Budget, and Office of the General Council revealed the need for a process to understand and track the enterprise IT portfolio and inform decisions about future IT investments.  Octo Consulting Group was brought in to provide end-to-end application portfolio management with the goal of helping the agency identify cost savings in their applications.

Client Approach Description: 

Built out the FBI’s IT system and application inventory, and assessed the value and performance of systems and applications in Operations and Maintenance status.

Collected and performed analysis on system-level and branch-level IT information, and made it available to employees of all levels across the Bureau in an IT repository.

Enhanced BIKR, a centralized SharePoint-based repository, to enable users from across the Bureau to quickly locate and share information about FBI IT investments, projects, systems/applications, enterprise contracts, and ‘how to’ guides by means of one, convenient site.

Client Solutions Description: 

The Enterprise Portfolio Management Program (EPMP) was developed to conduct assessments of the FBI’s IT systems and applications currently functioning in Operations & Maintenance (O&M) status. Information collected from the IT assessments is made available to the enterprise through the Bureau IT Knowledge Repository (BIKR).

Client Focus Areas: 
  • Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Performance Management
Client Results: 
  • Identified cost savings through access to current state details of the FBI’s IT portfolio.
  • Allowed leadership to identify cost savings, and make informed decisions about underused or duplicative IT assets.
  • Informed key decision making which is becoming increasingly important when operating in the current Government environment, where funding is tight and identifying cost savings is a priority.
  • Provided IT system and application data in a single repository allowing for stakeholders’ easy and continuous access to IT asset information, and improved information sharing across the agency.  Publishing IT Portfolio information and analysis can also lay the groundwork for complimentary work, such as Enterprise Architecture, which could use the IT Portfolio information and analysis to begin building segment architecture.