Client Division Title: 
Department of Defense
Client Practice Area: 
Performance Based Acquisition
Client Seal: 
Department of the Army
Success Stats: 
  • Implemented changes to an complex Army wide PWS in 6 weeks.
Client Challenge Description: 

The  Army’s Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) is an automated information system that will enable the Army to manage each soldier’s single human resources record from accession to retirement.  IPPS-A is a single integrated source that supports the full spectrum of human resource management and is a derivative of DIMHRS, which is available to all DOD services. The Army IPPS-A Project Directorate (PD) had the requirement to develop a Systems Integrator Performance Work Statement (PWS) to obtain performance-based services for implementing a single Army pay and personnel system accomodating Army’s unique and complex business rules. This would result in a fully-integrated Human Resources system supporting critically needed standard personnel and pay processes for all Army components.  To support this need, Octo provided IPPS-A PD with expert performance-based acquisition support by supporting the build out the necessary System Integrator PWS and the accompanying Sections and Schedules.  Additionally, Octo advised on the performance management strategy and how to define service level agreements (SLA) to drive System Integrator behavior to deliver products and services that would fully meet Army requirements.  

Client Approach Description: 

The Octo team designed and recommended an approach to assist the Project Directorate in developing a performance-based contract, to include the incoming transition of a new systems integrator, the outgoing transition of the current contractor, and the transition support necessary to hand-off the production system to an operations and maintenance support contractor.

Client Solutions Description: 
  • Developed a Risk and Issue Register in compliance with Army Program Executive Officer for Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS) requirements. 
  • Completed and detailed Performance Work Statement, and supporting Sections and Schedules
  • Developed the quality assurance surveillance plan (QASP) used to measure and monitor the new systems integration contract.
  • Provided subject matter expertise in performance-based acquisition, service level agreement (SLA) development, systems development, program management, and human resources information systems.
  • Designed an approach to assist the IPPS-A Project Directorate in developing a performance-based systems integration contract.
  • Decomposed each of the required systems integrator tasks and facilitated iterative in-person workshops with Government, industry, DIMHRS, and Oracle and PeopleSoft experts. 
  • Ensured clarity and measurability for each task and subordinate activity without constraining the system integrator’s methods for performing the work.
Client Focus Areas: 

Program Management and Risk Management

Performance Based Contracting Support

Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan Development

Contract Development

Requirements Analysis

Facilitation and Management Consulting

On-site and Proactive Cost Management

Client Results: 
  • Both the Contract Type Analysis and the Statement of Work were completed on a very aggressive schedule set by the client.  The team’s ability to meet tight deadlines not only reduced risk to the program but also resulted in meeting planned goals for performance-based contract requirements.
  • Statement of Work process that was employed enabled the customer to meet an aggressive timeline.
  • The Service Level Agreements provided the Army with a common a well-defined set of metrics that will be used for future acquisitions, ultimately directing service provider behavior from system deployment to system adoption.