Client Division Title: 
Client Practice Area: 
Enterprise Data Warehouse Implementation Support
Client Seal: 
Success Stats: 
  • Succesfull deployment of Amtrak's first Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • On-going maintenance support of the EDW, with deployment of new subject areas
Client Challenge Description: 

Amtrak did not possess a means for analyzing and leveraging data across the enterprise. Critical data was held primarily in disparate Online Transaction Processing Systems (OLTP). Some data marts were developed to provide insight into Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Amtrak Board of Directors and Chief Operations Officer, but these data marts provided generally poor cross-functional, historical details that inhibit the user’s ability to make timely decisions and provide insight across the various areas of the business.  Octo Consulting Group was part of a team to provide Enterprise Data Warehouse support to Amtrak. 

Client Approach Description: 

The goal of the engagement was to design and implement an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to provide Amtrak the ability leverage Business Intelligence (BI) to make timely decisions and provide insight across the Amtrak organizational enterprise (Marketing, Train Operations, and Enterprise Resource & Planning).  Building the first release of the data warehouse was an important objective, but building the capacity of Amtrak and its contractors to take over and deliver subsequent releases is a prime objective as well.  

    Client Solutions Description: 
    • Analysis of the Enterprise Information Architecture and EDW Development and Deployment Plan developed by Gartner
    • Analysis and documentation of Amtrak organizational groups business requirements
    • Delivery of an EDW conceptual, logical, and physical architecture
    • Provisioning of Data Analysis and Modeling, and ETL Testing services
    • Introduction of repeatable development and testing processes
    Client Focus Areas: 
    • Enterprise Datawarehouse
    • Data Analysis
    • Testing
    Client Results: 

    Octo, partnered with Cap Gemini, was able to accomplish the following in the first six (6) months.

    • Brought in dedicated Business Analysts, Data Analysts, ETL Developers, and QA/Test staff
    • Re-organized the EDW team to be aligned to discrete project tracks to decrease development time
    • Assisted Amtrak in rolling out two dashboards (Board of Directors and Chief Operations Officer) which were behind schedule for delivery
    • Defined the scope of work and complimentary Program Management Plans and schedules to deliver 12 ‘Subject Areas’ which were rated as among the most important and valuable for implementation
    • Assisted in the delivery of the BOD and COO dashboards
    • Implemented a rigorous Requirements Development and Management process
    • Implemented a defined architecture and development plan and methodology
    • Launched a Business Requirements process to meet with business stakeholders to validate existing requirements and identify new requirements to ensure that the EDW provides the maximum value to the business