Our Approach to Delivering Results

What makes our approach to client engagements, problem solving, and strategy different and better?We adapt.

After years of working within and across a variety of consulting firms and engagements, we realized that rigid methodologies and shelf ware often hinder problem solving and rapid delivery. Rigid methodology also limits the creativity and perspectives that smart, experienced consultants can and should bring to clients.

When we founded Octo, we gave consultants the flexibility to have the greatest impact possible by drawing not only upon a proven set of tools, but also on their own past experiences and individual expertise.

Our approach frees consultants to deliver the results IT leaders in government and business need to improve performance and accomplish their missions. Ultimately, it translates into faster timelines, lower costs, intelligent solutions, measurable outcomes and happier people.

Results that Matter =

The most critical part of Octo's adaptive approach is empowering our consultants to make the right decisions for our clients. While we provide them with starting points, frameworks and tools, true success depends on them using their talents to find the solutions needed to deliver results.


Results make us who we are. They drive us. And the quest for results demands that we examine our clients’ problems from every angle. We use proven frameworks and agile thinking to locate problems, examine root causes and deliver the right combination of solutions.


Octo's solutions align with the key interrelated challenges that our clients face. Each solution area addresses a specific question:

Enterprise and Solution Architecture: Where am I going and how do I ensure I am meeting the business/mission objectives?

Enterprise Portfolio Management: What should I invest in and how do I pay for it?

Acquisition Engineering: Who should help me achieve my goals and how do I hold my support accountable?

Critical Program Management: Now that I am done with all the planning, how do I make it all happen?

Technology Solutions: How do I use technology to move my mission forward?