Markets We Serve

Developing C4I solutions to achieve a next-generation joint information environment
  • Joint Information Environment (JIE) Enablement

    Octo brings a deep understanding of DoD cybersecurity, network operations and information assurance constraints, as well as emerging commercial technologies, so our integrated solutions consider all aspects of the myriad challenges the Army faces in achieving the JIE vision.  Octo has developed strategies for de-layering the DoD’s network through the design of integrated architectures that account for managed services, geospatial information sources and disparate security models.  Octo’s Enterprise C4I governance solutions can foster operational efficiencies, including seamless identity management and the critical enforcement of configuration standards.

  • C4I Agile Acquisition Lifecycle Support

    Octo has adopted and adapted acquisition best practices that align with the Army’s agile capabilities lifecycle process. Our collaborative solution model is built on the premise that effective requirements must be based on a thorough understanding of critical capability gaps and our Army customers’ unique mission needs. Octo provides innovative acquisition strategies and exhaustive market research & analysis to foster a stronger partnership between DoD and industry.  Octo’s approach to Acquisition Engineering and performance-based requirements development minimizes performance risk and enables better buying power for the Army, yielding a full spectrum of network and information services for a globally connected force.

  • Global Network Modernization, Transformation and Operations

    Octo is poised to meet the complex challenges of addressing the Army’s network and C4I modernization requirements. Octo employs a comprehensive, customizable toolkit of methodologies, tools and strategies for promoting Joint and Coalition Interoperability through materiel development.  Octo’s point of view and deep understanding of the C4I landscape is helping the Army field mature technologies while introducing processes for service delivery management and virtualization of network components, systems, and sub-systems across the global network.  Working in tandem with our Army customers and the end-user soldier, Octo develops holistic design-build sourcing strategies for Network and C4I modernization, enabling incremental, efficient technology refresh and sustainable enterprise mission capabilities.

  • Enterprise Services Implementation and Management

    Whether Government Owned/Contractor Operated (GOCO), or Cloud, Octo understands the full spectrum of managed services and IT service delivery. The challenge of leveraging leading-edge technologies on an Enterprise scale--while still securing and protecting the Army’s Global Net-centric Capabilities—is formidable, but Octo’s insight and experience brings proven process (e.g., ITIL), portfolio management, and strategic sourcing discipline to Enterprise Services planning, acquisition, and operations. Through the consolidation of IT infrastructure, the deployment of enterprise service management capabilities (including NETOPS), and the implementation of standardized application and mobile solutions, Octo can help bring clarity to the overwhelming complexity of moving the Army’s enterprise into the future.