• Efficiency is the new innovation - it defines how we think and deliver. We are constantly challenging the status-quo with new innovations and solutions. 

  • Gone are the days of a "blank check" in government IT. We're delivering solutions that help the government be agile and efficient in this new normal of budget uncertainty.

  • Assisting agencies manage overwhelming amounts of data to make critical decisions. We're helping agencies employ emerging web and semantic technologies to integrate data and turn it into actionable intelligence.

  • Developing solutions with the customer, not just for the customer. Agility is at our core - we deliver results as one cohesive team working towards the same goal.

A full suite of solutions that are implemented rapidly and that adapt to changing missions, priorities and customer requirements.  

Octo is a services-based company that implements creative solutions to meet agency missions that allow us to redefine the model needed in this new norm of government contracting. 

  • Addressing the needs of the Intel community, with an eye on innovative solutions for analyzing data for rapid decision making.

  • Focusing on solutions that enable the transformation of the Army Enterprise for deployed and generating U.S. Forces.


  • Supporting the National Security mission through case management, data visualization, cyber-security and intelligence collection.

  • Understanding the government's role in preventative health, introducing solutions to modernize clinical research. 

  • Transforming Enterprise Web Presence and Service Delivery for the Intelligence Community

    Agile Software Engineering|UX | DoD | Intelligence


    Octo’s IC customer serves a broad array of customers through 100+ top level internet domains with no common structure or brand. The current structure does not meet customer needs and costs to maintain these web presences are not sustainable. 

    Our Approach

    Octo’s approach our Enhanced User Experience (UX) solution. This approach includes a customer-centric methodology for web design, brand management, enterprise search, content management, interactive map, brand management, and information discovery. 


    The design, development, and delivery of the new web presence resulted in significant cost reductions, enhanced service delivery and increased collaboration across the IC.


  • Implementing an efficient C4I materiel development model to help the Army's global network

    Acquisition|Business Process|Program Management | DoD | Defense


    The Army is challenged with acquiring and implementing Enterprise-wide IT capabilities and services across multiple Combatant commands. Project Manager Installation, Information, Infrastructure, Communications and Capabilities (PM I3C2) manages a global portfolio as a critical part of the Department of the Army's initiative to transform its IT Enterprise into a single, cohesive force deployment enabler.  

    Our Approach

    Octo provides worldwide (U.S., Korea, Europe, Southwest Asia) full acquisition lifecycle support expertise - from developing acquisition strategy through sustainment. Leveraging agile acquisition engineering concepts to develop performance based strategies and establish a repeatable and efficient process for mission execution. Octo is enabling the Joint Information Environment for the Army.  


    Octo supported a wide-ranging portfolio of contract actions of varying complexity and scope for new Army C4I capabilities valued at over $1.7B in 2012 alone. Octo also introduced business process improvement methods that resulted in process optimization yielding approximately 33% improved acquisition cycle time.

  • Rapidly deploying a new case management capability to support the OSHA mission

    Agile Software Engineering|Cyber|Data|UX | Labor | Health and Life Sciences


    OSHA's next generation replacement system, OSHA Information System (OIS), was to serve as the agency’s sole mission system to manage investigations, cases, and enforcement operations. As this modernization program represented the single largest transformation effort in the history of the department, OSHA asked Octo Consulting Group to complete the modernization and take over Operations and Maintenance of the OIS system and deploy new features to the field.  

    Our Approach

    Octo developed a custom-built case management application that provides OSHA’s employees the flexible and powerful analytical tools they need to help manage, track and mitigate injury, illness, and fatality trends at state, local and national levels.  Utilizing the Agile methodology of Scrum, Octo has been able to consistently deliver value to the end-user community by incrementally delivering fixes, enhancements, and additional functionality.  The team has delivered value in terms of weeks, not months or years.


    Over 600 user stories were delivered in 15 sprints over 18 months. Octo assisted OSHA with the planning, development and implementation of the OIS deployment strategy. Octo has developed a detailed deployment plan reflecting the critical deployment tasks such as Data Cleansing and Migration; C&A; Hosting & IT Infrastructure; End User/System Training; Stakeholder Communication; Help Desk Support; and Operations and Maintenance Transition.


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